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[03 Feb 2005|09:09pm]


Sorry, but yes, this community will go on hiatus. We will return if/when we get 15 new members. No one seems to want to participate and thats a shame. If you dont plan on participating by all means remove yourself from the community, it really is pointless to stay if you dont enter the challenges. A big thanks to the one person who participated in Challenge 3.

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[30 Jan 2005|12:05am]

So, would you like to know how many entries we got this week? One! Come on people, what's the point of being in the community if you dont plan on participating. We're extending the challenge for another week. The current challenge can be found here. Hopefully we'll get some more entries =)

Challenge 3 [24 Jan 2005|03:07pm]

Finally, a new challenge! Post your entry in a comment to this post only. All comments will be screened. Dont forget to include the URL for your icon along with the img src tag. Entries must be submitted by Friday, Jan. 28th. Happy icon making!

Challenge 3: Ivy and KittyCollapse )
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[22 Jan 2005|12:44pm]

As you might have noticed there hasnt been a new challenge in some time. Myself and thatkillerhit have been busy with school and work and we didnt have much time to update. We are really sorry about this but alas on Monday we will have a new challenge for you all. Im also hoping that we will have a new layout up as well. I really do hope everyone sticks around as we will be making a bigger effort to update and maintain this community.

<3 vinyl_addict, your friendly neighborhood moderator.

Challenge 2 Winners [22 Nov 2004|07:59am]

Congrats to all the winners!

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

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Challenge 2 Voting [09 Nov 2004|02:52pm]

So sorry this is extremely late but we've been busy and yeah =|

- Vote once.
- Don't vote for yourself.

New challenge and winners will be posted on monday.

Challenge 2 VotingCollapse )

[30 Sep 2004|03:50pm]

We dont have nearly enough icons to start the voting so we're extending the challenge for another wk. Submit more icons people! :^) Also please pimp this community as much as possible! Thnx!

Extention [21 Sep 2004|12:13am]

[ mood | blank ]

We're extending Challenge 2 till Sept. 24th :-)


Challenge 1 banners! [21 Sep 2004|01:40am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Congratulations, the icons were great! We didn't get a lot of entries though :\ so please pimp this community all you want! We'll add some banners later so you can post them.

Click here for challenge one bannersCollapse )

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Challenge 2 [13 Sep 2004|09:10pm]

Entries must be submitted by Friday, Sept. 17th.

Challenge 2: QuoteCollapse )

Challenge 1 Winners [13 Sep 2004|08:44pm]


1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Banners will be posted shortly!
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Challenge 1 Voting [11 Sep 2004|03:06pm]

[ mood | content ]

Sorry for the delay! but alas...

Challenge 1 VotingCollapse )


Extention [05 Sep 2004|11:51am]

We don't have many entries and I'm pretty sure many of you are busy with school and whatnot. That being said, we're extending the contest for another week.

Challenge 1 [29 Aug 2004|09:16pm]

Wow, it didn't take long to reach 15 members! Alrighty, lets get going with the first challenge. Post your entry in a comment to THIS post. All comments will be screened. Don't forget to include the URL for the image along with the img src tag. Entries must be submitted by Friday, Sept. 3rd. Also, if you would like a banner, please say yes or no in your comment if you win. Oh, and please make sure to read the rules before submitting your icon.

Challenge 1: Lucius/IvyCollapse )

Introduction [25 Aug 2004|06:05pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Welcome to the_v__icontest. An Icon Challenge Community for M. Night Shyamalan's hit movie "The Village". Basically you will be given a picture and you will be given until a certain date to post it back and then members of the community will get to vote for their favorite one. All entries will have to be posted as a comment and they will be screened so no one but the mods can see them.. Thanks for joining and have fun :) If you have any questions, would like to be affiliates, or have any suggestions reply here


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