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The Village Icontest
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Welcome to the_v__icontest! This is a weekly based icon contest community based on the movie The Village.

A different type of icon challenge will be posted each week. You will have one week to create your icon, then sending it in a screened comment on the provided post.

1. When you post your icon in a comment, provide the icon itself and the url to the provided post.
2. Do not use your icon outside of the competition until the competition itself is over.
3. If an image is posted for you to use, only use that image. Any blending of other outside images will be disqualified.
4. Brushes, borders, effects, text, colourization, etc. are allowed for your icons.
5. Your icon must be 100x100 (or less) and less than 40kb.
6. When you post your icon, please say yes or no to a banner if you win.

Sunday night: Winners will be announced and a new challenge will be posted.
Monday - Friday: Time you have to create your icon.
Friday night: Contest closes and voting starts.
Friday - Sunday: Voting.

1. Vote for your three favorite icons in a screened comment.
2. Only vote once, that includes extra accounts!
3. Do not vote for yourself.

This community is maintained by thatkillerhit and vinyl_addict.